I haven't started writing this yet. I will write it when I am finished with Frostheart's Pet.

Cloudshine and her kits have a great destiny...

Chapter 1: The Kits are Born Edit

Cloudshine felt the last kit slide out and the pain leave her. That was the fifth kit. The medicine cat,Treeleaf, sat the last kit next to the other four. "There. three she-kits and two toms." Treeleaf meowed. The medicine cat apprentice, Dirtpaw, took the last tom and started licking his fur the wrong way to warm him up.

"What wil you name them?" Dirtpaw asked when the tom took his first breath.

"I don't know yet." Cloudshine meowed. She gathered her kits and they started to nurse. One she-cat was pure white with pretty blue eyes and two golden spots, one on each side. "I think I'll name her Goldkit. She looks like she has wings, so she could be named Goldwing."

"Good name." Treeleaf smiled. Goldkit purred and curled up next to Cloudshine to sleep. The next kit was a ginger and white tom with green eyes.

"That one, I will name Orangekit. Thne the she-cat who looks just like him, Firekit." Firekit and Orangekit looked identical except Orangekit was a tom and had green eyes, and Firekit was a she-cat with blue eyes. then there was a ginger she-cat with white paws and white tail tip with pretty blue eyes. "And that she-cat will be Tabbykit." Then lastly a white tom with ginger speckles and green eyes. "and lastly, that one will be Brightkit. He could be named Brighthorizon, because that big speckle looks almost like a sun and there can be the horizon line." Cloudshine pointed to the tom's side where there was a beautiful patch that looked like a sun on the horizon.

"Goldkit, Orangekit, Firekit, Tabbykit, and Brightkit. Beautiful names. They are all ginger and white, just like their father. but it's odd, none of them got your tortiseshell pelt." Treeleaf meowed.

"I know." Cloudshine meowed, gathering her five kits closer to her. Treeleaf gave her some borage then left with Dirtpaw following.

Chapter 2: Twoleg TrapEdit