Cloudstrike is a white she-cat with blue eyes. She was born deaf and the medicine cat at the time, Rushwater developed a sign language so she could communicate.

Cloudstrike's StoryEdit

Cloudkit was born to Silverice (Mother) and Ashfire (Father). She was born deaf and her parents were very worried that she could not become a warrior because of this. The medicine cat, Rushwater was able to develope a sign language that she could use to communicate with others. First, she taught the clan all the basic signs that they would need to talk with her. Next, she started teaching her all of the signs she needed to learn. When she was six moons old she made sure she had a good mentor. Her new mentor's name was Badgerpelt. She worked very hard with him and soon became the best hunter in her clan. She soon became a warrior and earned the name Cloudsrike. She was very sad when Rushwater fell into Stonepool (A small lake with sharp rocks sticking out of it) ans stabed herself on one of the rocks. Then her apprentice, Lillystep died when she was attacked by a rouge when she was colecting herbs by herself outside of camp. She left her apprentice, Mistfern to be the new Medicine cat. Mistfer soon took on an apprentice of her own. Her name was Leafpaw (Leafpaw was also her and Darktail's sister). Cloudstrike and Leafpaw became close friends. Cloudstrike taught her sign lanuage and Leafpaw taught her all the herbs and what they do. Cloudstrike fell in love with Fireclaw. She often fely nervouse about talking to him (Fireclaw knew sign language almost as well as she did). When Fireclaw became leader she fully suported him.


  • Cloudsrike is based on Snowkit from the Original Series.