Darkvine is a black tom with scorching, amber eyes.

Darkvine's StoryEdit

Darkkit was born to Fernshade of Mountainclan (Mother) and Cardinalfire of Leafclan. (Father) Fernshade asked that Cardinalfire would take the kit to his clan because she was the Medicine cat of Mountainclan. Cardinalfire agreed and took the kit to his clan lieing that he found the kit drowning in the river by the Mountainclan border. Cardinalfire was the trusted deputy of LeafcClan so they took his word for it. He was raised by Petalstream, Frostberry's, Breezesong's, and Silverice's sister. When Aspenstar made Darkkit an apprentice she made Lionclaw his mentor. Lionclaw was a stern mentor and would hopefuly cure Darkpaw's mischievous nature. This did not work as well as Aspenstar had planned. He, became more evil than mischievous and caused great trouble in the clan. He would eat prey before feeding the rest of the clan, he watched a little Mountainclan kit drown without helping, and he injured other apprentices during training. Aspenstar and Lionclaw knew something was wrong with him. Aspenstar kept him from becoming a warrior so he would always be watched by his mentor. This plan failed when she died. When Cardinalfire became leader he made Darkpaw a warrior as soon as he could for he was still secretly proud of his son. He was chosen to mentor Redpaw eight moons after his warrior ceremony. He inflickted horrible wounds to the young apprentice. He was found dead in his own pooling blood three days after Redclaw's warrior ceremony. His actions have earned him a place in the Dark Forest.