Fireclaw is a dark ginger tom with green eyes. He is the leader of Leafclan. (His leader name is Firestar but the page is not named that due to confusion with Firestar, leader of Thunderclan.)

Fireclaw's StoryEdit

Firekit was born to Brightpool (Mother) and Stoneclaw (Father). His sibbling are Wavekit (Sister) and Thunderkit (Brother). He would have unusual dreams about sand ( In the shape of a cat.) with long, sharp fangs and red claws. He would often daydream and wander around the camp. (This got him into serious trouble when he wandered out into the forest and got chased by a fox.) He was the medicine cat's (The medicine cat's name is Lillystep) first choice for her apprentice but she had a dream the day before his apprentice serimony. She dreamed that a blazing fire would destroy a cat of sand with long fangs and red claws. ( This was almost the same dream Firekit had. The cat of sand symbolized Desertclan, the fangs were their leader Fangstar, and the red claws were Leafclan's evil deputy Redclaw. This prophecy ment that Firekit would foil Redclaw's plan to become leader of the whole forest and kill Fangstar to free Desertclan. Lillystep could not understand any of the other parts, she just knew that Firekit was destined for greatness.) Lillystep changed her mind and asked Featherstar if he would mentor Firekit. Featherstar agreed and had the ceremony the following day. He and his denmates all became apprentices at the same time. (There were seven kits in the nursury at the time not counting Cloudkit who was apprenticed one week befor.) When Deserclan attacked five moons later he faught bravely alongside his brother, Thunderpaw. Leafclan was able to drive the Deserclan invaders back to their own territory, but with a cost. Lightpaw's brother, Foxpaw died. The following night he recieved a prophecy from his father who died in a battle with two foxes one moon before." When the sand blows in, bites with its fangs, and slashes with its claws, it will only leave six lights in the dark." Then his father vanished into the night shy.

Relationships With Other CatsEdit

Wavesong: He is her brother. He and Thunderfur can be slightly over protective with her. (There exuse is that they were born first. they were but only by a few seconds with Firestar being the oldest.)

Thunderfur: They are brothers and they share a very close bond. They can be seen training with eachother when they were apprentices. They have never realy argued befor. Firestar made Thunderfur his deputy.

Pigeonwing: He is her brother older and is so over protective over her.