Horse that Gallops through Night
Horse that...

Description: ginger, brown, and black tortoiseshell tom with yellow eyes

Mother: Sun that Rises at Dawn

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Moon that shines in Sky, Light That Shines off Snow

Mate: None

Kits: None

Mentors: None

Apprentices: None

Clans: Tribe of Frozen Ice

Roleplayer: silverwhisker


Horse that Gallops Through night (horse) was born to Sun that Rises at Dawn along with Moon that Shines in Sky and Light That Shines off Snow. He was naed "Horse" for his graceful movements and how he is so lgith and fast on his feet. He was made a prey-hunter in the Tribe of Frozen Ice, and never really was stricken as an important character. He was a prey-hunter that provided for the clan during the snow-in, as the only way out of the cave was a hole that only To-bes could fit through, and he was a To-be at the time. He was recently made into a full Prey-hunter, and his sisters were just made into Cave-guards.