This is a Fanfiction This is a story about the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. It is non-canon, so it is not from the books, but all credit is given to erin hunter.


Spottedfur breathed heavily. She layed on her back in the RiverClan camp nursery. Her kits were coming. Her mate, Bumblestar, paced back and forth outside. Antfur was next to the she-cat checking for any new signs. Suddenly, Antfur's head shot out of the den.

"The kits are coming! Bumblestar, hurry! Get burdock root and water in moss!" He cryed and his head flew back in. Antfur's apprentice, Snowpaw rushed in.

"I already got the burdock root!" She said as she dropped it. Antfur grabbed the burdock root and gave it to Spottedfur to chew. She grasped it in her mouth and chewed slowly. Antfur gasped as a little body came out. He picked it up gently and placed it next to Bumblestar. He immediatly started licking the wrong way. Another little bundle came out. Antpelt gave that one to Snowpaw. "One more.." He annouced. A ginger she-cat bundle came out. Antfur started licking it. Spottedfur turned over to the kits in delight. Sunlight beamed into the den. And on the little ginger she-cat. The she-cat's pelt shined like the sun. A smile came upon Spottedfur's face. "I know what I name them.The white male will be named Whitekit. The black female here Nightkit. And this one," She said resting her head upon the little ginger she-cat."Shall be named Sunkit."


A voice sounded over Sunkit. "Why can't we go out yet!" A voice complained. Nightkit! She would reconginze that voice anywhere! She lifted her head off her paws, twirling it around in an attempt to see, but her eyes were still still sealed closed tight.