Elder's Tale Edit

It all started with an elders tale.....

Fallkit, Hopkit, Frogkit, and Cloudkit jumped around the nursery. "Come help me get moss for the elders!" Gravelpaw poked her head in.

"But Winterkit and Frozenkit already got some!" Frogkit exclaimed, tripping over his sister, Fallkit.

"There is one apprentice, me, and six kits, and nine elders! Do the math, Frogkit!" Gravelpaw hissed, then left the nursery.

"She's so grouchy!!!" Hopkit complained as they walked throught the medicine tunnel to get fresh moss.

"Quiet, sisters." Cloudkit said, flicking his tiny, blue-gray tail. They made their way through the camp to the elder's den. Only three were in there, the rest out moving their legs and getting fresh-kill.

"I was about to go hunting." Paleface meowed as the kit stumbled in. "But it looks like tiny fresh-kill has come to us."

"You'll have to catch me first!" Fallkit squealed, dropping her moss and running in circles around the elder. Paleface stuck his paw out and Fallkit stumbled.

"Come on, Graypatch. lets get out before the sun burns out." they left, leaving the four kits with one elder. The elder opened his eyes and laughter flled them when Fallkit attempted to pick her moss back up but fell over on it. "Come here, kits." the elder stood and the kits recognized him as the oldest elder, Mosstail. "Let me tell you a story."

] =="A Story About Kittypets"==

"Why would we want to learn about kittypets?" Cloudkit asked, starting to build Mosstail's nest.