Lightheart is a pinkish-white she-cat with blue eyes. She is a proud member of LeafClan.

Lightheart's StoryEdit

Lightkit was born to Milktail (Mother) and Badgerpelt (Father). Her brother's name was Foxkit. She was born in the middle of Greenleaf and the nursury was full. Her denmates were Firekit, Wavekit, Thunderkit (All three are sibblings), Darkkit, and Mistkit (They are sibblings too). With seven kits in the den you can just imagine the work for the apprentices. Dawnpaw worked herself so hard that she landed herself in the Medicine Den for a few days due to heat exhaustion. Lightkit played with her denmates a lot. She and her brother got into trouble often with the senior warriors. When she and the other kits became apprentices (They were all born about the same time, give or take a few days.) there were hardly enough warriors to take on the job of being a mentor (There were only 5 warriors in the clan, not counting medicine cat or leader.) Their leader, Featherstar was just able to squeeze them all in by mentoring Firepaw himself and Mistkit became Lillystep's apprentice. (Lillystep is the medicine cat of Forestclan.) Lightpaw trained hard with her own mentor, Sparrowpelt. All was well till one day Desertclan attacked. Her skills that she developed through her apprenticeship were able to keep her alive, but her brother was not so fortunate. Lightpaw rushed to his side when he saw the leader of Desertclan, Fangstar had delivered a killing blow to the young apprentice. Foxpaw's last words were " I love you Lightpaw, become a great warrior for me, will you?" Then he passed away. Lightheart and her parents grieved for days untill one night. She dreamed she was in Star Place ( Similar to Four Trees and Moon Pool combined.) Her brother was there, but he was not the same mischievous young apprentice but a full grown warrior. He said his name was Foxtail and said " When the sand blows in, bites with its fangs, and slashes with its claws, it will only leave six lights in the dark." (This prophecy was given to Firepaw,Wavepaw, Thunderpaw, Darkpaw, and Mistpaw too, each given too them by a different cat that they were close to.) Then he vanished into the night sky. She soon became a warrior along with her friends and earned the name Lightheart.