Mintpaw is a teasing, sarcastic warrior. She is a pure white she-cat, has no scratches and bright, sky-blue eyes. She is a not-so-noble cat of MossClan, and was once a kittypet. She is one of the best fighters, but is one of the most intimidating cats in the Clan.


Mintpaw, like stated above, is sometimes disrespectful and mocking. However, also, is the "Clan Clown", and can always make a cat laugh. She is not the most loyal by far, and will sometimes sneak off to the twolegplace to eat.

She is the most absent-minded in the clan, hands down, and is often made fun of because of this, mostly by Raypaw.

She is mostly optimistic, though she is very quiet when not joking.


Mintpaw was once a kittypet, crammed in a mansion. She was found by the MossClan cats when there was an outbreak of Greencough, giving them pawfuls of mint, and brought into the Clan. She has been known of breaking the warrior code 46 times and starting 27 battles.

Interaction with othersEdit


Main teasing target. She considers him a best friend, but often calls him names or tries to fool him, often telling him that his mentor, Fireblaze, has died of old age.


Although she has a crush on him, he just doesn't get it! All he does is stare at her. She considers him a best friend.


She knows something's up. She was his littermate, and he was the happiest kit, then BOOM! No more Mr. Happy!


  • She unknowingly knows all of the herbs.
  • Mintpelt was reincarnated as her.
  • All of the toms "pester" her.
  • She is a horrible hunter.