Moon that shines in Sky

Description: Moon is a black and white tabby she-cat

Mother: Sun that Rises at Dawn

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Horse that Gallops Through Night, Light That Shines off Snow

Mate: none

Kits: none

Mentors: none

Apprentices: none

Clans: Tribe of Frozen Ice

Roleplayer: Rainfacestar


Moon that shines in sky (Moon) was born to Sun that Rises at Dawn along with her littermates, Light That Shines off Snow and Horse that Gallops Through Night. She was first made into a healer by Star that Reflects off Ice, but after a scare with a polar bear that entered the cave and almost killed Star and Moon, she wanted to be changed into a Cave-guard. She was in charge of getting herb supplies during the Snow-in as she was the only To-be that knew of herbs, and only To-bes could fit through the escape. she was recently made into a full Cave-guard.