By: Silverwhisker

This is a Fanfiction This is a story about the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. It is non-canon, so it is not from the books, but all credit is given to erin hunter.
Silverwhisker opened her eyes, her mother, Cloudstar, was looking down at her. "It is time for you to get your nine lives." They walked over to a warrior named Firewillow, and told her she was in charge of camp. Silverwhisker bid her father farewell and they started their adventure to the Moonpool.

When they reached the Moonpool, Silverwhisker drank some of the water and fell asleep. "Welcome Silverwhisker." She heard a voice. Silverwhisker opened her eyes to see Mistystar. "Are you ready?" She meowed. "I am!" Meowed Silverwhisker. Mistystar stepped forward. "With this life, I give you forgiveness. Use it to forgive the ones who need to be forgiven." She held back a yowl of pain as she got the life. The next cat was Silverstream. "With this life I give you love. Use this life to love on cats who need it." When Silverwhisker got this life, she purred. Next, the strong warrior, Whalesplash appeared. "With this life, I give you strength, use it to protect your clan." Silverwhisker felt like she could drive out ten badgers with three paws tied behind her back when she got this life. The next cat was Frogkit. "With this life, I give you adventure. Use it to explore new lands." Silverwhisker felt like she wanted to wander off to some place and find new things. Next, Lillypaw appeared. "With this life, I give you humor. Use it to brighten up your clan on bad days." When she got her fifth life, Silverwhisker felt very happy. Falconflame came up and mewed, "With this life I give you wisdom. Use to lead your clan the right way." Silverwhisker felt very wise when she got this life. Next, Silentwing appeared and meowed, "With this life I give you kindness. Use it not for only your clan, but for others who are in need of it." Silverwhisker felt like she wanted to walk right up to Silentwing and lick her. The eighth cat was Darkwhisper. She meowed "With this life, I give you faith. Use it to have faith in your clan and in Starclans' ability to guid you." Silverwhisker felt very faitful in Starclan when she got that life. The last cat was Angelfeather. "With this life I give you optimism. Use it to see the light in the darkeness of night." Silverwhisker felt like things had turned for the better.Then Bluestar walked up and meowed "From this day forward you will be known as Silverstar, leader of Cloudclan." "Silverstar! Silverstar!" The Starclan cats cheered.

Silverstar woke up,and was lead home by her mother/old leader, who was now a great elder.