This is a Fanfiction This is a story about the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. It is non-canon, so it is not from the books, but all credit is given to erin hunter.


Long ago, there were four tribes that lived in a large forest. The Tribe of Golden Trees, who lived in trees and hunted mostly birds, the Tribe of Swimming Fish, who lived near rivers and stream and hunted mostly fish, The Tribe of Glowing Sunlight, who lived in thin forest where the sun always glowed through the branches and hunted mostly mice and voles, and the Tribe of Dark Shadows, who lived in a dark part of the forest where the sun never touched the land and hunted mostly frogs and mice. These tribes were made of cats of all sorts and sizes.

In each tribe they found one loner kit, who was abandoned by heir parents. In the Tribe of golden Trees, they found a young ginger tom named Thunder. In the Tribe of Swimming Fish, they found a gray tom named River. In the Tribe of Glowing Sunlight, they found a wiriy brown she-cat named Wind. And in the Tribe of Dark Shadows they found a black she-cat named Shadow.

However, Twolegs moved into their forest, cutting down trees and killing the prey. they all grouped together and left. they moved into a forest farther away, and formed four clans. Then two more loner kits joined them, Sky and Star. Thunder feel in love with Star. then some cats who realized they couldn't live in the other four groups, they joined Star and Sky in six groups. then of course everyone knows the story of the first Gathering. All of the Star's clan died, and became Starclan.

However, this story isn't about the Clans. It goes back to a few choice cats who stayed behind instead of going to form the clans. they left, and formed two different tribes. the Tribe of Soaring Doves, and the Tribe of Facing Wolves.

Chapter 1: When the Prey Doesn't RunEdit

Claw as Strong as Ivory shook her head to clear the fog. However, she still couldn't see anything. She sniffed the air, no luck. The Tribe of Facing Wolves would have to move into the Tribe of Soaring Doves' territory if they couldn't find any prey soon. She shook her head and padded back to the cave. the Prey-hunters worked day and night to find prey, but their work was in vain. The Tribe of Facing Wolves couldn't die. Like those mouse-hearts from the legend, who ran away but the two tribe stayed. their tribe couldn't die after all they had gone through!