By: Silverwhisker

This is a Fanfiction This is a story about the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. It is non-canon, so it is not from the books, but all credit is given to erin hunter.

After Shadowclan retreated, other clans formed. Some Shadowclan cats and Windclan cats formed Darkclan. Short furred cats made Fireclan. Long furred cats made Glacierclan. Of course the new clans couldn't take the old thunderclan territory and so on. So they had their own journy to find new land. Fireclan and the leader, Flamestar found a dessert. Next to them was a dark forest with a humungus dark cave wich Dakrclan and their leader, Darkstar claimed. Next to their territory was a place with streams, cliffs, and trees. Cloudstar claimed it as Cloudclan territory. (Will finish)