"Help!!!" Thunderstrike called. "Help! Please!"

No one was listening. Thunderstrike was falling down a steep hill. As she layed flat, Windstorm, her brother, jumped on top of her and killed her.

"Stop hitting me!" Adderstripe, the deputy of LightningClan snapped.

"Oh sorry, I just had a bad dream." Thunderstrike apologized.

"That's alright. Can you check my wounds? I think their getting steeper." Adderstripe asked.

"Yeah. Here, put these cobwebs on to stop the bleeding. I'll check on you for a bit. I'm going to look out for borage leaves and some catmint." Thunderstrike told Adderstripe.

"Ok. Thanks." Adderstripe said.

As Thunderstrike came out of the tent, Greenclaw, a warrior, greeted her.

"Hi, Thunderstrike! What are you doing?" she asked.

Thunderstrike replied, "Looking out for some medicine."

"Oh ok."

1 Moon laterEdit

"Fernpaw, please put the poppy seeds away. At's almost time for your ceremony." Thunderstrike ordered.

"Okay!" Fernpaw obeyed.

As the medicine cats traveled to the Shadowfall, the ancient stone where they keep in touch with their ancestors, Rising Stars. The opposite of Rising Stars was Dark Shadows.

"Fernpaw, I proudly give your name as Fernpoppy. You have worked hard and so." Thunderstrike announced.

"Thank you. I truely appreciate it." Fernpoppy said.

More coming Soon.